Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What We’re Reading, 3/14/2012

The web serves up millions of articles every day — and while we can’t guess what portion of those relate to finance, we’re guessing it’s more than you could read in one sitting.

So every morning, your friendly Tumblr curator will tap into the Kiplinger hive mind and ask the staff for the best business and economic journalism they’ve read that day. On this afternoon’s reading list: Goldman Sachs, Atlantic City and what Obama’s drinking.

"Why I am Leaving Goldman Sachs," by Greg Smith (The New York Times). ”The interests of the client continue to be sidelined in the way the firm operates and thinks about making money,” Smith writes in his bridge-burning resignation. Related reading: “Why I am Leaving the Empire.” 

"The Unpersuaded," by Ezra Klein (The New Yorker). Says magazine reporter John Miley: “The president puts so much effort into campaigning for issues. How much influence does he really have? It’s sort of a reality-check question.”

"On the Market," by Alice Gregory (n+1). A former Sotheby’s researcher takes us into the ultra-luxurious and much-maligned world of the fabled auction house, which recently reported the most profitable quarter in its 267-year history — and became a target of the Occupy Wall Street protests.

"Employers Dangle Carrots for Behaviors That Help Lower Costs," by Ann Carrns (The New York Times). Web editor Andrea Browne likens the trend to reality television: “Think about all of the weight loss competition shows that are on TV these days!”

"The Man Who Broke Atlantic City," by Mark Bowden (The Atlantic). Three casinos, four months, $15 million. We’re betting that even non-gamblers will appreciate this take on blackjack economics.

"Obama’s Wine List Corked After $100-Plus Bottle Served," by Margaret Talev (Bloomberg). The White House stopped disclosing the types of wine served at state dinners; drama ensued. For more levity, we also like this Bloomberg piece: “Gap’s Targeting of Broke Young Hipsters Viewed as Flawed.”

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